Team building in GoMonkey

What is team building at GoMonkey?​

Your team building day starts with you being welcomed by your instructor, who will briefly explain to the team about the course of the day. Then we prepare for the introduction to “Jungle Escape”, the team building part, where the story and remedies will be told and distributed. Without revealing too much, it is about getting out of the jungle with the help of cooperation, creative thinking and communication.

If we get the whole team out of the jungle alive, we get ready for the climbing part. You will receive thorough instructions on how to climb and then you will have to go straight through the practice course. After that, there is free climbing in our park for up to 3 hours.
If you want to stay in the park and catch up on the day with some lunch, there is plenty of opportunity for this. You can either rent a grill and bring your own food, or you can contact us and inquire about the dining options.

We have a lot of lawn games you can borrow without charge, if the finance department e.g. just need to be challenged in king games.

Different ways to do it:​

Hold your team building day in GoMonkey in several different ways.

The 2 ways are:

1. Book our team building package, where we have put together a package that we believe sets the framework for the coolest team building day.

2. Book “normal” climbing if you think there is enough team building in the climbing part alone.

Once you have decided which way suits you best, you choose which park you want to visit. Then you choose either the “climbing” or “teambuilding” package and then choose the date and time.

Now you just have to look forward to inviting all your employees or friends to the coolest team building day in GoMonkey with life and happy days.

We look forward to welcoming you in the treetops!

The package contains:​

  • “Jungle escape” for 1 hour (team building)
  • Climbing up to 3 hours of climbing
  • Instruction
  • Harness and helmet hire
  • Climbing park Gloves for everyone!
  • 1 soft drink/water/coffee

Price: DKK 440 per participant