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GoMonkeys biggest climbing park only 15 minutes from Copenhagen


GoMonkeys scenic climbing park in the royal park Søndermarken


Fyns biggest climbing park in the heart of Odense


GoMonkeys most beautiful park with a great view of Hylkedalen

GoMonkey's climbing parks

Get out into GoMonkey’s wild and fun climbing parks and unleash your inner monkey!
In our 4 nationwide climbing parks, we offer climbing, long cable cars, rushes in the stomach, trampoline nets in the trees, games, good humor and much more – and even out in the lovely nature.

At GoMonkey, we think a climbing park should be a mix of fun, challenges and security. It is important that the climbing park contains all 3 elements, so that you can challenge yourself and push your limits, at the same time that it is fun and takes place in a safe and secure environment. It must be a good experience for all our guests, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber. That is why we have put a lot of thought into safety and different levels of difficulty in our climbing parks, so that everyone can participate. It also gives you the opportunity to start the day quietly, and then slowly build courage as the courses are completed. Who knows? – Maybe you’ll be standing at a height of 23 meters before the end of the day, or are ready to take your first free fall.

Levels of difficulty

We have 4 different degrees of difficulty in our climbing parks – green, blue, red and black (free fall in Gladsaxe and Odense, and 350 meter cable car in Kolding). The colors indicate how difficult the courses are to complete, with green being the easiest, blue being intermediate and red/black being the most difficult. You buy access to the park, and can then climb the courses you are tall enough to complete. You get a colored wristband which shows which tracks you can climb.

REMEMBER: You can buy an additional black track for DKK 40 in the park. (3 for 100 kr.)