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Visit GoMonkey for a fun day of physical activity, challenges and cooperation – all of which will strengthen the relations and dynamics of the classroom. We offer tree climbing and action- based challenges for everyone aged 5 to 99. We have courses ranging in altitude between 1 and 22 metres providing challenges for all skill levels no matter if you are a complete novice or an experienced climber.

Your day will begin with a thorough, 20-minute introduction to harnesses, courses and carabiners. This is finished with a security check where your instructor makes sure that all harnesses are properly secured and attached. After this everyone is required to climb our rehearsal course to ensure that we are all ready to ascend to the heights above. When instruction and rehearsal is complete the park is open for climbing. When you have climbed to your heart’s desire, you’re welcome to stay at the park to round off the day, eat your lunch at one of our many tables and benches or hang out by the bonfire.

Your trip includes free access to our “Bounce”-area – huge, trampoline nets with tall walls suspended among the treetops at an altitude of approximately 5 metres.

Our parks use the “continuous belay” safety system, which makes it impossible to click out of the security wires before the course is complete and you are safely back on the ground.

GoMonkey has a lot of great experiences with large groups so there is no maximum limit on the number of participants you can book a trip for!

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Practical information

When should we book?
You need to be a school or public institution with a group of at least 17 participants to be eligible to book our school - & institution-experience. Often, schools and institutions show up with large groups and typically adhere to a similar schedule of arrangement dates. We operate on a first come-first serve basis so the sooner you book a specific date the better as it’s not uncommon for us to be filled to capacity.

When do we have to pay?
As a rule of thumb full payment is required in advance upon booking. This is to ensure that we are able to reserve gear, bring in instructors and plan your day to give you the best possible experience. If you pay using an EAN-number the invoice will be forwarded upo confirmation of booking.

If your group is very large, we can provide a head count on the day of your visit and forwarding of the invoice afterwards. In such cases we have a minimum payment requirement of typically 40 participants. “Smaller” groups of 20-30 participants already have enough of a discount that we reserve the right to demand full payment for booked climbing gear.

Should you wish to book a full day for your entire school or institution, please write or call us to hear more about the possibilities.

We do provide combination packages which include orientation races, teambuilding, Bumberz-balls, rental of indoor facilities etc.

Also remember:

We recommend that everyone bring extra clothing – it's better to have an extra layer than to miss it in the park. Since everyone is required to wear safety harnesses, we recommend tight fitting sports pants. Footwear should protect toes and nails and fit your feet snugly.

Remember to check the weather forecast before you arrive to ensure the best possible experience.

Hair of shoulder length or longer must be tied in a way which allows for the wearing of a helmet.

Scarfs or other clothing adorning the neck and throat are not allowed (religious headdresses are exempt from this).

We also recommend that your remove ear- and/or finger rings before climbing.

We recommend the use of gloves. These can be bought at the park at a price of DKK 35, - per pair (15% discount if you order them when you place your booking) or you can bring your own.We look forward to seeing you for some fun and educational days in the treetops!


Schools & Institutions visiting us

Schools & Institutions

Group discounts for schools and institutions. Minimum 17 participants.


2,5 hour climbing session

Rental of harnesses and helmets

Access to "Bounce"-area

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Book online and get a 15% discount on additional purchases

We’ll provide you with a 15% discount on your additional purchases if you book them using our online booking system.

To be eligible for the online discount, you must place your booking using our webshop no later than 48 hours before the starting time of your session.

Tailormade solutions

We’re more than happy to provide you with tailormade solutions to fit your needs and ensure that you’ll have the best possible day in one of our parks. Contact us to have an obligation free chat about the possibilities.

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